1930-38: Born in Ogden, Utah in 1930 (Raised on or around infamous 25th Street).

1938 – 1942: Moved to El Monte, California.  My first experience of a segregated school (Mexicans and Asians).
1942 – 1945: Evacuated to Pomona Assembly Center Spring of 1942 and then shipped by troop train to Heart Mountain, Wyoming (Concentration Camp).
1945 – 1948:  Ogden, Utah.
1949 to 1952:  U.S. Army (stationed for 2 years and 7 months in Japan).
1952 to 1953:  Ogden, Utah
1953 to present:  Salt Lake City, Utah.  I lived briefly near the University of Utah and Holladay and since 1959 in the Avenues.

1945(spring):  Dishwasher (Heart Mountain, Wyoming).
1946 (summer – 1 month): Farm laborer and cannery worker (Davis County).
1946 (summer – 2 months): Gandy Dancer (laying railroad tracks), Extra Gang, U.P. RR in Palisade, Nevada
1947 (summer) Section Hand, U.P. RR Ogden, Utah.
1946 to 1948:  part-time maintenance work, Esther Hall, Ogden, Utah.
1948 to 1952:  U.S. Army, 319th Military Intelligence Service (Interpreter, Translator and Interrogator) and, 441st Counterintelligence Corp (Special Agent), Tokyo, Japan.
1952 (summer):  Washrack (removing paint from bombers), Hill Air Force Base, Utah.
1952 to 1956 (Winter break): U.S. Postal Service (Mail carrier), Ogden and Salt Lake City.
1954 (summer):  Storm door and window assembler, Salt Lake City.
1955 (summer):  Credit card company, clerk-typist, Salt Lake City.
1955 to 1956:  Filing clerk for Drs. Business Bureau (part-time), Salt Lake City.
1956 to 1957:  Correspondent, Allied Radio Co., Chicago, Illinois.
1960 to 1961:  Caseworker, Salt Lake County Welfare Department, Salt Lake City.
1961 to 1963:  Business Manager (part-time), Western Humanities Review, Department of English, University of Utah.
1963 to 1965:  Referee, 3rd District Juvenile Court, State of Utah.
1965:  Deputy County Attorney, Salt lake County Attorney’s Office.
1965 to 1969:  Assistant Attorney General, State of Utah.
1970 to 1976:  Private legal practice, firm of Madsen, Uno and Cummings, Salt Lake City.
1976 to 1978:  Judge, Salt Lake City Court, Salt Lake City.
1978 to 1984:  Judge, 5th Circuit Court, State of Utah, Salt Lake City.
1984 to 1990:  Judge, 3rd District Court, State of Utah, Salt Lake City.
1993 to 2002:   Senior Judge, 3rd District Court, State of Utah, Salt Lake City.
2003 to present:  President, 5 Buck Pizza, Rose Park and Tooele.

1948:  Graduated from Ogden High School
1948 to 1949:  Diploma, Military Intelligence Language School, Presidio of Monterey, California.
1950:  Certificate, Special Agents School, Headquarters, 441st Counterintelligence Corps., Tokyo, Japan.
1952 to 1954:  Associate of Science, Weber Junior College, Ogden, Utah.
1953 to 1955:  Bachelor of Science, Political Science, University of Utah.
1955 to 1958:  Juris Doctor, College of Law, University of Utah.
1958 to 1959:  Secondary Teaching Certificate, College of Education, University of Utah.
1960 to 1963:  Masters in Social Work, College of Social Work, University of Utah.
1995:  Honorary Doctor of Humanities, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah.

1955 to1970:  Salt Lake Judo Club.
1960 to1970:  United States Judo Black Belt Federation.
1965 to1970:   Instructor, Salt Lake Judo Club.
1970 to1972:   President, Black Belt Association, Salt Lake Judo Club.
1961:  President, Utah Citizens Organization for Civil Rights.
1959 to present:  Utah State Bar Association.
1959 to 1977:  American Bar Association.
1969 to 1976:  American Trial Lawyers Association.
1963 to 1970:  Board, American Civil Liberties Union, Utah Chapter.
1974 to 1979:  National Advisory Committee, American Civil Liberties Union.
1964 to 1977:  Academy of Certified Social Worker.
1972: President, Utah Conference on Social Welfare.
1964 to 1965:  President, Salt Lake Chapter, Japanese American Citizens League (JACL).
1969 to 1970:  Coordinator, Civil Rights Program, National JACL.
1970 to 1972:  President, National JACL.
1972 to 1974:  Legal Counsel, National JACL.
1968:  Candidate for Utah State Senate, District 1.
1970:  Chairman, Salt Lake County, Volunteers for Re-Election of Senator Frank E. Moss.
1971 to 1974:  Board, National Center for Voluntary Action, Washington, D.C.
1965 to 1974:  Board, Friends of the Salt Lake City Library.
1971 to 1974:  Legal Counsel, Spanish Speaking Organization for Community, Integrity and Opportunity (SOCIO).
1972 to 1973:  Salt Lake County Government Study Commission.
1973 to 1976:  Board member and secretary, Salt Lake City Public Library.
1974 to 1975:  Chairman, Utah State Advisory Committee, United State Commission on Civil Rights.
1977 to 1980:  Board of Directors, Alumni Association, University of Utah.
1982 to 1985:  Board, Executive Committee and Treasurer, Utah Mental Health Association.
1986:  President, Board of Governors, Project Reality.
1991 to 1995:  Board, Norman S. Anderson Award Fund
1991 to 1995:  Advisory Board, College of Social and Behavioral Science, University of Utah.
1991:  President (Co-founder), Utah Minority Bar Association.
1991 to 1995:  Board, Utah Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Commission, State of Utah.
1993 to 1995:  Chairman, Executive Board, Asian Association of Utah.
1994 to 2000:  Board, Friends of KUED.
1995 to 1996:  Chair, Utah Japanese American Centennial Committee.
1997 to 2007:  Diversity Advisory Board, University of Utah Health Sciences Center.
1998 to present:  National Advisory Board, Weber State University.
2001 to 2007:  Alliance for Unity.
2001 to 2007:  Board, Center for Documentary Arts.
2002 to 2005:  Emeritus Board, University of Utah Alumni Association.
2003 to present:  President, Japanese Community Preservation Committee, Salt Lake City.
2004 to present:  Trustee and President for 2009, Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement District.
2005 to present:  Honorary Chair (Co-founder), Utah Asian Chamber of Commerce.

1969:  Nisei of the Biennium, Intermountain District Council, JACL.
1970:  Albert Fritz Civil Rights Worker of the Year Award, Utah Chapter, NAACP.
1974:  Humanitarian Award, WIMBO (White, Indian, Mexican, Black and Oriental), Hill Air Force Base, Utah.
1974:  Gold Medallion, Japanese American of the Biennium, National JACL.
1979:  Honorary Life Membership, Utah State Conference on Human Services.
1990:  Utah District Court Judges Association, Service Award.
1991:  Golden Phoenix Award, Asian Association of Utah.
1993:  Recognition, National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.
1994:  Honorary Doctor of Humanities Degree, Weber State University.
1994 and 95:  Certificate of Appreciation, Council on Aging, Salt Lake County Aging Services.
1996:  “Once in a Hundred Years Award,” in recognition of significant contributions to the community, Salt Lake County Centennial Committee, Utah Centennial 1896-1996.
1997:  Certificate of Appreciation, Oral History Institute (now Center for Documentary Arts), for service from 1982-1995.
1998:  Honoree, Utah Minority Bar Association.
1998:  Award, Advancement of minorities in the Law, Utah State Bar (Annual award given in my name).
2000:  Award, for service as President 1999 to 2000, Board of Senior Judges.
2000 and 2001:  Certificate of Appreciation, Service Core of Retired Executives, Salt Lake Chapter.
2002:  Lifetime Achievement Award, Association of Asian American Studies.
2002:  Certificate of Appreciation for service as a Senior Judge from July 1993 to January 2002, Utah Judicial Council.
2004:  Five Year Service Award, Service Corps of Retired Executives Association, U.S. Small Business Administration.
2005:  Spirit of Excellence Award, The American Bar Association, Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession.
2005:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Award, Salt Lake Branch, NAACP.
2006:  Merit of Honor, Emeritus Alumni Association, University of Utah.
2008:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Drum Major Award, Governor’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Commission.
2008:  Lifetime Achievement Award, Utah Asian Chamber of Commerce.
2008:  Special Presidents Award, National JACL Convention, Japanese American Citizens League.