I moved to Utah in 1959 to join the Physics Department at the University of Utah where I remained as a faculty member and administrator until my retirement in 1998.  During this time I taught more than twenty different courses at all levels from freshman to advanced graduate.  I taught in the Physics Department, for the Honors Program and in the Liberal Education Program.  I was one of the originators of the highly successful “Super ITW” course, which, over five quarters, explored intellectual and scientific history of the past 2500 years.

I did research in condensed matter theory, held grants from the National Science Foundation totally more than a half million dollars over 20 years, supervised many Ph.D. and Masters Degree students, and am the author of some 50 scientific papers.  I am a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

I served on virtually every University Committee at one time or another, served a term as Department Chair in Physics, and six years as Dean of the Graduate School.

As a teacher I received a number of honors:

Honors:    Frederick William Reynolds Lecturer, U of U 1969
Outstanding Physics Teaching Award 1970
The University of Utah, Distinguished teaching Award 1974
Fulbright Travel Grant  (Germany) 1967
The University of Utah, University Professor (jointly with
Barbara N.     Lindsay) 1979-80
Honors Distinguished Professor of the Year 1979
Chosen as faculty member for Semester at Sea 1983
and 1986 by the University of Pittsburgh
Presidential Teaching Scholar 1997

Community Service:

I have been involved in environmental groups for the last 49 years and am one of the founders of the Citizens’ Committee to Save Our Canyons, now in its 37th year.  I served on the Alta Planning and Zoning Commission and was a member of the Salt Lake City Winter Games Organizing Committee.  In 1990 I received the Pa Perry Award and in 2000 the Alexis Kelner Award both from the Wasatch Mountain Club, the 2005 Pfeifferhorn Award presented by a group of Utah environmental organizations and the Utah Nonprofit Organization’s Norma Matheson Outstanding Volunteer Award in 2006.

I am also a very active amateur musician, playing violin in various chamber music groups and am one of the founders of the Chamber Music Society of Salt Lake City.

I have skied, hiked, climbed mountains, run rivers, back packed and camped all over Utah since arriving here.

What I would like the UCC to accomplish:
There are so many ways that citizens can improve our community life in Utah, which is such a wonderful place to live.  Some of the areas where I have special interests and background are preservation of public lands and watershed, education, the abatement of global warming.  I have come to realize how effective committed long-term citizens’ groups can be.  This is one of the hallmarks of America and we must use this opportunity.