In addition to providing public commentary, the Utah Citizen’s Counsel is committed to provoking public interest and encouraging public participation in the redistricting process.  Here you will find a list of events concerning the redistricting process.

  • Legislative Redistricting Committee: Meeting 19th and 22nd, 9:00AM @ Senate Building Rm. 210

Talking Points:

    The current system of redistricting in Utah makes inevitable partisan decisions that favor the dominant party and individual incumbents. This unfair advantage can lead to uncontested, uncompetitive races, and a decrease in voter turnout. It can also lead to elected officials ignoring the interests of some communities in the interest of being reelected.

    We encourage citizens to consider what sorts of boundaries define their communities and how well their interests are represented by their elected officials—economic, social, environmental, infrastructure, civic, legal—all sorts of interests. We believe that if redistricting lines are drawn to keep communities together who share similar interests, legislators will better serve their constituents.

    Ask questions about the maps the legislature draws. Whose interests are being served by the boundaries they draw? What are alternative boundaries that would better serve your community’s interests?

    This is your chance to make your voice heard and to influence the decisions of the legislature.