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I was raised in South Cottonwood on a large plot of land that was first homesteaded by my Great-Grandfather, who came to Utah in 1855.  My Dad always had a large garden which required a lot of weeding and watering, not to mention an acre or so of non-native Kentucky Blue Grass to be mowed each week.  I spent the rest of my youth wading and swimming in Little Cottonwood Creek.  Later, I moved with Sandy, my wife, to Sandy, where we raised our five children and where we now live.

After receiving degrees from the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, I spent my career working for the Utah Legislature on the staff of the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, first as a Policy Analyst and later as Deputy Director where I directed the finances and operations of the office.  Staffing assignments included various committees dealing with environmental, education, health, human services, and taxation issues.  I retired from the office in 2017.  

During my career with the Legislature I was also active in the National Conference of State Legislatures where I served as chair of the Research and Committee Staff Section and on other committees.